Hannah Demarest - Lausanne Switzerland


Twice in my life I’ve been lucky enough to recognize instantly that I was in the right place at the right time. The first time was when I arrived in Switzerland from the US to study French for one year in the 60s and never left. After my studies I stepped naturally into freelance language teaching.  The second time was meeting the Juice Plus Company in the early 90s. Long before understanding any of the details I just knew that this concept was made for me and me for it: helping a lot of people take responsibility for their health and their finances and having fun doing it. This business fits my values, my desire to help, and my fierce need for independence. And part of my activity is still teaching because success comes from teaching other people to do the same thing. I reached the top position in 13 months in an area where nobody had ever heard of marketing through a direct selling franchise, just by sharing my enthusiasm and conviction.

I’ve met many amazing people through Network International and will always be grateful for having had an open mind when first introduced to this new concept.  Wim and Birgit are constantly on the leading edge of our industry and are generous in their sharing of knowledge and inspiration. It’s a privilege to be part of this organization.