Michael Lorenz

Michael LorenzMy name is Michael Lorenz and I used to work as a factory mechanic. After 15 years I realized that at the end of the money I had a lot of month left. Exactly at this moment in my life (back in 1991), I got introduced to this wonderful business by my uncle, Gerhard Bauer. I was immediately fascinated because it’s absolutely risk-free and the products are fantastic; I wanted to use them myself and I knew a lot of people who were going to use them as well.

At the beginning I started on a part-time basis, and after two years I earned more money part-time with my network business than in my main job as a mechanic in a factory. I quit my mechanic’s job and after 3 ½ years I reached the top position in my new company.  My life has changed completely to the positive. Now I can fulfil a lot of my dreams.  One key ingredient of my success was my association with Network International and its many training centers.  I am so very, very thankful to my sponsors Wim & Birgit Plange, Stefan Reuter and Gerhard Bauer for this chance of a lifetime and for their continued support!!