Welcome to Network International

25 years ago Wim and Birgit Plange founded Network International with the goal of providing their partners with a dynamic platform, a structure within which to meet and receive maximum support while expanding their businesses worldwide.  Today Wim and Birgit work with their team of business partners in over 20 countries. Cooperating with key people in each country, Network International supports new and existing partners locally, nationally and internationally with a proven concept for success.

How it all started:

Wim Plange was working as a banker in the United States when he saw this business back in 1990 in the US and he immediately recognized the enormous potential which network marketing offers to so many people: a chance to build a second business on a part-time basis, which can develop into a full-time career; a chance to have a ‘Plan B’ without all the usual problems of self-employment.
Birgit Plange was employed in a university clinic when she realized early on there would be no further room for advancement in her profession as a technician for open heart surgery. When she got in contact with experts from the network marketing industry in the early 1990s, she got excited right away, especially when she realized the potential for a woman to develop this business part time.
Wim & Birgit Plange saw the big picture in the USA, as well as the huge potential. They decided to give it a chance and to introduce this innovative business model and new system of distribution to Europe.


"All our dreams can
come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

Today Wim and Birgit Plange are established leaders in the fastest growing industry not only in recent decades, but for the decades to come as well. We call it marketing by recommendation or relational marketing.. Through Network International, Wim & Birgit have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 25 years, with over a Billion US $ turnover generated with business partners in 22 countries worldwide. As a couple they’re one of the most successful and well-known experts in the industry and together with their business partners they have written the successful history of Network International.

The Visionary

Wim Plange´s big vision, his engagement and his fundamental concepts in the network marketing industry have already helped tens of thousands of people to improve their lifestyles and to fulfill their dreams.

Trainer and Coach

Wim and Birgit are also in high demand as trainers and coaches in Europe, Israel and Asia, and are committed to supporting and helping their partners to build successful businesses around the world. Both provide advice and coaching in German, English, French and Spanish.

A pool of successful speakers and trainers has developed over many years of engagement. This pool of experts carries forward the vision of Network International into many countries.